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Trial of Position Rules

For Bondsman:
You may not pilot a Locust or Atlas or Dire Wolf.
Your loadout must
 be approved by the Oathmaster of the Trial (no META builds).
If you strike another combatant in the Trial they will become active, and you must now fight them in addition to your chosen opponent.
If you defeat your first opponent, you will be granted Warrior rank.
If you defeat a second opponent, you will be granted Warrior rank with consideration for Star Commander rank.
If you defeat a third opponent, you will be granted Warrior rank with consideration for Star Captian rank.
If you are defeated at any time, you will lose any rank earned and become a bondsman eligible for Trial in 1 week.
Your mentor must sign off on your status, as well as be apporved by any officer for Trial before you may take it.

For Warriors:
You may not pilot a hero mech.
Your loadout must be approved by the Oathmaster of the Trial (no META builds).

For both warriors and bondsman:
Bondsman chooses chassis.
First opponent will be the best warrior/officer present (as chosen by Oathmastering officer) and take a mech 10 tons lighter so it´s not an easy kill.
Second opponent is a warrior, takes mech of equal weight.
Third opponent is a warrior again, takes mech 10 tons heavier.


- Gamemode will be Skirmish, 20 minutes max playtime.
- 2x2 map grids ( Oathmastering officer chooses the "battleground").
- There will be NO legging or headshots.
NO consumables allowed.
- Mechs start in opposite corners of given map grids (chosen by Oathmastering officer), turned away from each other and powered down.
- Oathmastering officer gives command to start the trial, combatants activate and hunt each other (notice: NO"first smallest weapon hit" to declare opponent).
- All spectating personal will spectate from cockpits of either the bondsman or the 3 warrior/officer combatants.
- The Oathmaster will spectate through the bondsman's cockpit, other 2 warriors on standby, Power down, will stand side by side in an area where they can see none of the fight taking place what so ever (facing away).
- If cadet wins, Oathmastering officer asks if Cadets wants to proceed with the trial or not (as per usual).
- If cadet chooses to continue then the combatants will go to their perspective corners as 1st engagement started.
- The trial Oathmaster, must post the trial results on the same day of the trial.

Meta Builds:
AC40 builds.
More than 4 streak missile tubes. (2x2 or 1x4).
More than 18 srms (3x6 or any combination < 18).
Quad UAC5.
Dual Gauss.


*Every effort will be made to have someone available to record ToP's.


Blood Trials

In order to make the trials a test of skill and to have a level playing field for all concerned the following rules will apply.

1. All trials must be attended by an Acting Oath Master. Witnesses may also attend.

2. Opponents will be either "Hunter" or "Hunted". Roles to be chosen randomly.

3. The hunter declares mech category. Either Light, medium, heavy or assault.

4. The defender declares mech type. Clan, IS or trial. The hunter may finally declare that trial mechs will be used.

5. The map will be mutually agreed upon or randomly generated if agreement cannot be reached.

6. The battlefield (grid location) will be agreed upon by the combatants within 60 seconds of dropping. Should agreement not be reached the Acting Oath Master will make the decision.

7. Engagements begin at 1000m with fire on sight or at Zellbrigen distance. Engagement type to be chosen by the hunted. If Zellbrigen is selected combatants will begin by standing back to back. They will then move away from one another in a straight line until the Acting Oath-Master declares "Engage!", at which time combat may begin.

8. Should a contestant leave the area of combat, to be determined by the Acting Oath Master, they will be given 10 seconds to return and upon failing to do so will forfeit the trial.

9. All modules are allowed EXCEPT artillery and airstrike.

10. No deliberate legging of opponent's mechs and no deliberate head-shots. The Acting Oath-Master will make any such determinations. Violation will result in disqualification.

11. Should a player disconnect during combat they will be given the time allotted by the game to reconnect. Failure to reconnect results in forfeiture of the match.

12. Any disputes will be resolved by the Elected Oath Master.


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