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How to Join Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy


Step 1. Fill out a clan application.

Step 2. Hop on the TeamSpeak Server TS IP: PW:deltacomms

Step 3. Get to know the clan and have fun dropping with us.

Step 4. Go to the introduction area of the forums and tell us all about yourself

Clan ranks and structure.

Initially, the rank of Sibkin will be given to all applicants. In order to become a member of Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy, we want to get to know you. The Sibkin phase is the process in which we see if we are a fit for each other. You will need reviews from warriors and a minimum of two weeks of time before progressing to the rank of Bondsmen.

Once you are given the rank of Bondsmen, you are now a probationary member of the clan and a warrior will claim you. Your Bond Holder will be responsible for training you and ensuring your combat readiness. This means preparing you for your Trial of Position. You will remain a Bondsmen until you pass your trial. Upon passing your Trial of Position, you will become a Warrior of Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy.

Things you should know as a new member coming into this clan:

1.) You are expected to have a sufficient Community Warfare drop deck assembled within 30 days of becoming a sibkin (own and elite 4 clan mechs).  There are posts on the forums about what is recommended and what mechs are most useful:

2.) You are expected to work toward improving as a player.  We understand that not everyone comes in as a pro twitch shooter player.  However, we also understand that even the best of us still have things we can work on doing better as well.  If the Khan has room to improve, new players certainly do too.

3.) Once you are accepted as a sibkin into the clan, be prepared to get lots of feedback, participate in training, and take advice from people you have not known for very long at this early stage.  If you see someone who has warrior or officer tags trying to give you advice, they see something you do not yet.  Take the advice, even if you are not sure about it at first.  Many players in this clan have over 10,000 drops in game, many more over 5,000 drops, that is a wealth of experience you can draw upon.

4.) Following orders during a drop is essential to victory, we tend to play aggressively, this means keep moving and shooting.  Keep this rule in mind, "Act on orders first, ask why later".  Weapons not being fired are not doing damage.

5.) We strive to help new players coming into the group; however, in large group drops (6+), we are a big enough group to be a serious at that point. What this means for you is that we expect battle comms, and focused play in such situations.  

6.) When you come into the clan, become a shadow.  By that, I mean pick a veteran who plays similar times and be his wingman.  Stay in one position in relation to his mech at all times.  "Shadow" him, watch what he does, shoot what he shoots, and move when and where he moves.  This will allow you to learn by example, which is a great method to practice.

7.) We will never mandate you spend money on the game, but we will encourage you to do so for things that matter.  Paint colors and camo patterns are nice, but aside from a bit of personal touch save your MC.  Buy mechbays, and premium time if you are spending a little money, you always need mechbays, and premium time reduces the grind to buy and master mechs by 33%.  If you are going to buy mechs, we can tell you the ins and outs of every mech the clans run.  Most of the warriors and officer corps have every Clan mech, even the ones not available for cbills.  In fact, many of us pre-ordered packages to get them early.

8.) Ask questions.  If you do not understand why we do things the way we do, ask us.  Most anyone will explain to you as best they can, or get someone who can tell you why to explain it.  The more you understand about how the game works, the better you can wield your big stompy robot to the greatest potential.

Trial of Position

Currently, the Trial of position requires the Bondsmen's Bondholder to state that they are ready for their Trial. This could mean waiting a day, weeks, months, or even years. It is entirely dependent upon the Bondsmen's skill level and their ability to pass their Trial.

The Trial of Position itself requires the Bondsmen to select their mech and first face an Officer in the Trial, then a warrior if they wish to continue. The Officer will be piloting a mech of equal weight, the warrior will be piloting a mech 5-10 tons over the bondsman's mech tonnage.

The rules are simple:

No intentional headshots.

No intentional legging.

Aim for the torsos.

Fire a light volley of weaponry to select the opponent you wish to face.

During combat, should you strike another opponent, that opponent may declare they have been hit and the presiding Oath Master may permit the second warrior to engage the Bondsmen in combat.

Defeating the first opponent grants the Bondsmen the rank of Warrior. Defeating the second opponent makes the bondsmen eligible for the rank of Star Commander.

Should a Bondsmen fail their Trial, they will be eligible to retake their Trial in a week's time.

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