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Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy Code of Conduct

As people we crave interaction with others. We have decided to band together as members of Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy because we enjoy playing online games together. Everyone of us is different and has a unique personality. Sometimes, differences of opinion will cause conflict within our group -  this is normal. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to make explicit the acceptable morays and expectations that our community has collectively decided upon, in order to minimize potential conflicts.

Language and Verbal Abuse: Vulgarity has become more acceptable over the years. Sometimes it’s used humorously and everyone can appreciate it. However, under no circumstances should it be used maliciously against another member. Verbal abuse is not restricted to vulgarity. Attacks of a racist, sexist or otherwise bigoted nature will not be tolerated. It is natural for tempers to rise and a warning will be issued the appropriate leadership before any permanent action is taken because none of us are perfect. Repeated offences will not be tolerated. We’re here to play, not fight.

Cheating: This is a game we play to improve our skills in order to dominate the battlefield. It is insulting and unfair to everyone to utilize third party programs that mitigate the need for skill. If sufficient proof is provided that a member has engaged in cheating while participating with Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy, they will be banned. Accusations of cheating should not be made without the evidence to support it.

Privacy: Personal information shared within the Clan should stay within the Clan. We have formed a relationship based on trust and out of mutual respectwe should not divulge that information to outside parties without the explicit consent of the people concerned. Under no circumstances should hacking be employed against fellow members – or anyone else.

Honor and Sportsmanship: It is the mark of a great individual if they can compete fairly and win in a gracious manner. It is an even greater achievement if a group of individuals can accomplish the same feat. We formed this Clan with the determination to be the best of the best. We will ROFLSTOMP people and we will be ROFLSTOMPED. Regardless, at all times we should act with dignity and respect – even if our opponents do not. We should thank the other team for the fight each and every time, win or loose. Our enemies teach us the greatest lessons and we should use all opportunities to learn.

Team Killing: We have all had it happen to us. Trolls have nothing better to do sometimes than to decide MWO is the place for their antics. Defend yourself if necessary and ask you comrades to help you.

Real Life: We all have personal issues and will support one another the best we can. It is part of what makes us a community. We understand that life is hard and throws things at us that we weren't expecting. However, this is not the place to publicly ask for monetary aide.

Spying: Let’s be honest, in a competitive environment there will be secrets, such as tactics and mech deployment, that don’t and should not be disclosed to just anyone. Information is one of the most powerful things that you can use against your enemy. They may even send spies to gather that information. Any member caught spying for another group will be banned.


Open Door Clan Council Policy: Everyone’s door should be open to each other. Feel slighted by something someone said? Don’t agree with that strategy? Don’t like the direction the Clan is headed in as whole? PUT IT ON THE FORUMS. We can’t determine the solution to a problem if we don’t know the problem exists.


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