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Bill of Rights

Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy’s Rights of the Warrior


The first right of a Wolf is freedom. You choose your own destiny in this clan. You have a voice in the Clan Council via the polls. Use your vote to be free.

The second right of a Wolf is nondiscrimination. You will not be discriminated against based on your race, creed, religion, etc.

The third right of a Wolf is the right to all ritual clan trials. No trial will be denied to a warrior simply because politics dictate that the trail should not happen.

The fourth right of a Wolf is the right to an Advocate. If a Wolf is accused of a violation of the Code of Conduct, they have the right to name an Advocate to their counsel in any proceedings happening from the accusation. The Advocate must be of Warrior rank and higher, and can refuse it should they desire.  Should no Warrior accept Advocate status for the accused, the Lore Master shall be appointed Advocate. The Clan Council shall then choose a Prosecutor from amongst themselves.

The fifth right of a Wolf is the right to kickass and be humble about it, let the dead mechs do the talking.

The sixth right of a Wolf is the right of free speech. We are all adults here, you know what lines do not need to be crossed.

The seventh right of a Wolf is the right to training. We are going to be the best. That takes work. You have the right to get better. Do not be afraid to ask for training. 


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